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Family law.
According to Black's Law Dictionary,family law is a branch specialty of law,also
denominated "domestic relations" law,concerned with such subjects as adoption,amendment,divorce,separation,paternity,custody,support and child care.
In the past,family law has been closely connected with the law of property and
succession,and from the records available,it must have had its principal origins in the economic and property questions created by the transfer of a woman from her father's family to the power and guardianship of her husband. Even in regard to parent and child,such legal concepts as guardianship,custody,and legitimacy were associated with family power structures and family economic interests.Family law also has to do with matters ofpersonal status - for example,the question whether X is to be considered married or single or whether Y is to be classed as legitimate - although the incidents and importance ofthese distinctions often lead back to the law of property.
Family law shares an interest in certain social issues with other areas of law (e.g.,
criminal law).One of the issues that has received a substantially increased amount of attention, from various points of view,is the very difficult problem of violence within the family.This may take the form of physical violence by one adult member on another(in this case the woman is almost always the victim), or by an adult on a child, or of some other form of violent or abusive conduct within a family circle.Difficulties can arise when the wrongdoer returns to cohabitations with the person who has made a complaint.In serious cases the only real solution may be a termination of cohabitation,or the removal of an abused child from the family unit,for example,into some form of public or foster custody.The problem is one of social importance,and some studies(e.g.,several done in North America) indicate that a high proportion of violent crime originates in family units.

Семейное право
По юридическому словарю Блэка,семейное право - отрасль правоведения,также называемое закон о "внутренних отношениях",касающийся таких вопросов,как принятие, изменение, расторжение брака, разделения, отцовства, опеки, поддержки и ухода за детьми.
В прошлом семейное право было тесно связано с законом собственности и приемственности,а также с имеющимися рекордами,должно быть это имело свои источники в вопросах экономики и сосбтвенности,возникших при передаче женщины от ее отца к власти и опеке ее мужа.
Даже в отношении родителя и ребенка, такие юридические понятия, как опека, попечительство и законность были связаны с семьей силовых структур и семьи экономический закон интересен.Семья также имеет отношение к вопросам личного статуса - например, вопрос о том, X будет рассмотрел замужние или одинокие, или Y будет классифицироваться как законные - хотя такие случаи и отличия значение ofthese часто приводят к праву собственности.