Hi sweetest Arlie,
I am so happy to get a letter from you. So many compliments!!! Thank you!
Thanks for your photo, I really like it! =)
I have never been in Paris, Rome and Vienna. I would like to go there. I think the trip would be very exciting! Yes, everything would be ok. 
I am not scared about your age. It is ok that you are much older than me.
If we be together we will do everything, what simple family does. As to me I would like to work. Sitting everyday at home is boring. =) I really like the idea about club. What type of club are you going to make?
Unfortunately by the rules of the site I can’t give any personal information.
Tell me please about that time when you lived in Las Vegas.
Kiss you, my hero!

Лучше было бы I'm so happy to have received letter from you.
I've never been to Paris.
If we are together, we will do...
As for me...
...the idea of club.
...becаuse of rules..